Debt Recovery and Collection Services

Waters & Gate have an award winning debt collection service, offering consumer and commercial debt recovery. The service is based on a no collection, no fee policy. If we don’t secure payment, you pay nothing.

We can add our fees to the original debt and seek to recover them from your debtors directly.

Every one of our clients benefit from:

Online Client Portal

  • Keep track of your debts and our efforts with our easy to use portal. This gives you 24/7 access to our latest notes and comments.

Payment Options

  • Whether by bank transfer, debit or credit card, cheque or Giro Slips, we have the flexibility to handle a range of payment methods.
  • We will set up and monitor payment plans and liaise with Insolvency Practitioners and Debt Management Companies.

Bespoke Collection Models

  • We believe that every client is different, so every collection strategy needs to be different. Our custom CRM system gives us the flexibility to build a collection model that’s unique to you.

International Debt Recovery

  • With language specific collectors and dunning processes, our team can reach across the world.

Beyond Debt Collection

  • We offer a range of Legal Services including CCJ’s, Statutory Demands and Enforcement.
  • We can review your terms & conditions, dunning letters and collection processes to ensure you benefit from our expertise and maximise the chances of recovering your money.
  • Tracing systems to find people who don’t want to be found.
  • You can call us any time for advice or a second opinion on any collection matter.

As our client, these added benefits are all included.

How does it work?
Are there any upfront costs?
What fees do we charge?
What value of debts will you collect?
What types of debt can you collect?
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