Credit Management Services Overview

Debt Collection Agency

Waters & Gate provide collection solutions to clients across a variety of industries, our clients include some of the largest companies in the UK. We offer both consumer and commercial debt recovery and our service is based on a no collection, no fee policy. If we don’t secure payment, you pay nothing.

Where we can, we will add our fees to the original debt and seek to recover them from your debtors directly.

360 Collections

We understand that handling multiple agencies around the world can be time consuming.

Let Waters & Gate manage this for you.

Through our network of international partners, Waters & Gate have a proven track record in collecting debts across the world.

Credit Control Training

Waters & Gate training division provides professional business courses covering credit control, finance and credit management.

From advanced collection techniques to legal services, we can provide the tools your team need to succeed.

Alongside comprehensive bespoke training days, we also offer our unique cost effective “lunch-bite” courses.


Our Waters & Gate Consultancy Services specialise in providing credit management expertise across the full sales to payment life cycle.

We will engage directly with you to analyse and improve your complete credit management process.

Our results show that small changes can make a big difference.


Waters & Gate outsourcing service can be adapted to suit your business needs. You can outsource one aspect of credit control or the entire function.

Whether short term help or a longer relationship you will have a dedicated credit control team who will integrate seamlessly into your existing accounts function.